2006 Pontiac GTO, An In Depth Review

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2006 Pontiac GTO. an in depth review
2006 Pontiac GTO. an in depth review
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2006 Pontiac Gto Review Current Update
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Motorweek Video of the 2005 Pontiac GTO
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Review: Modified 2006 Pontiac GTO

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ITILII: Should have had the word MODIFIED in the video description...plus that helium voice of cars that it was faster than....FAIL !!!

Bad Axident: Got my '05 just a few months ago. Red, bone-stock, one (woman) owner. Externally, it looks exactly like the car in this video. Needed some catch-up maintenance (carrier bearing, brakes and slave cylinder) Now this 14-year-old car runs and rides like new. Loads of power yet gets very good mileage if you use cruise control a lot like me. I love it so far and if the comments are any indication, I'm gonna love it for a long long time to come. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the video.

GTA Ashwagandha Man: Lol cool video bud. But my Chevrolet Surgeon Z38 at 634whp will cut your doors off! i challenge you!😎

Dobie Girl: Love, love, LOVE my 2004 GTO. Love that beast. Some may call it a Grand Prix, or a "Bloated Cavalier" or even a Civic (::shudders at the ignorance::). But as soon as my foot hits that throttle.... all I see is little cars in my mirror that says "Objects behind you are losing"

Cars Simplified: I really enjoy cars like this, the G8, and the Chevy SS. It's about as reliable as 350+ horsepower gets, and performs without demanding that you look at it or know that it can perform just by a glance at the body design.

BornWithFame: What brand are the rims

Gto Jay: This is probably the 10th time I've watched this video. Make me appreciate my Goat that much more..

Jason Cramer: This not a Holden Commodore, this is a Holden Monaro!

JUNKYARD GOAT: 2006 was a good year 🤣

M.j. Taylor: How much does it cost to trick out the motor like that? And was there different models in the 06 family like in previous versions... I heard something about RA6 or is that some kind concept car after market...

John Castillo: Just financed my 2004 GTO last week and it's beautiful, I love it. First sports car and i think I made a great choice.

Fender Bender: Nice job video. Fit yer foot o; the

Rare Opportunity: god ur trying way to hard to make quotes. just stop and talk about the cars normally.

Douglas Myers: I love the styling about which I have always said that it “both blends in and stands out”. they are beautiful, done right. however, your description as “subdued aggression” and “sleeper that does not look like a sleeper” is in essence very similar to mine, in different words. anyway, very cool video.

tht_ speed3: someone called my gto a g6..I was like really, they look nothing alike

GB: I own a 17 Mustang GT Convertible and an 06 GTO is STILL my dream car

LZ Martin: o6 is the best.... I had LAPD moto cop pull up aside of me and ask me some questions about it I thought he wanted to pull me over foe my STRAIT pipes lol.. he said I wouldn't sell it them he rode off....

tht_ speed3: There's quite a few on the market for sale. Bad thing is, since it is a sports car, you never know if they're still in good shape even if they do have low miles or if they've been driven to the ground without any care

How 2: What you doing

Gregory Czyszczon: Brilliant video.. same level.. 06' spice red 56k 600+
2006 Pontiac GTO, an in depth review 5 out of 5

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2006 Pontiac GTO, an in depth review