2006 Pontiac GTO, An In Depth Review

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2006 Pontiac GTO. an in depth review
2006 Pontiac GTO. an in depth review
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2006 Pontiac GTO Review!!! HE TRIED TO KILL ME
Review: Modified 2006 Pontiac GTO
Review: Modified 2006 Pontiac GTO
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2006 Pontiac Gto Review Current Update
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ITILII: Should have had the word MODIFIED in the video description...plus that helium voice of cars that it was faster than....FAIL !!!

Bad Axident: Got my '05 just a few months ago. Red, bone-stock, one (woman) owner. Externally, it looks exactly like the car in this video. Needed some catch-up maintenance (carrier bearing, brakes and slave cylinder) Now this 14-year-old car runs and rides like new. Loads of power yet gets very good mileage if you use cruise control a lot like me. I love it so far and if the comments are any indication, I'm gonna love it for a long long time to come. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the video.

Johnny Most: ' there will never be another gto' true, but there still can be one like a gto, the chevelle ss and the buick gs, its up to gm if they want to build us those cars, IF GM HAS ANY BALLS TO BUILD THEM

GTA Ashwagandha Man: Lol cool video bud. But my Chevrolet Surgeon Z38 at 634whp will cut your doors off! i challenge you!😎

Dobie Girl: Love, love, LOVE my 2004 GTO. Love that beast. Some may call it a Grand Prix, or a "Bloated Cavalier" or even a Civic (::shudders at the ignorance::). But as soon as my foot hits that throttle.... all I see is little cars in my mirror that says "Objects behind you are losing"

Cars Simplified: I really enjoy cars like this, the G8, and the Chevy SS. It's about as reliable as 350+ horsepower gets, and performs without demanding that you look at it or know that it can perform just by a glance at the body design.

BornWithFame: What brand are the rims

Gto Jay: This is probably the 10th time I've watched this video. Make me appreciate my Goat that much more..

Jason Cramer: This not a Holden Commodore, this is a Holden Monaro!

JUNKYARD GOAT: 2006 was a good year 🤣

M.j. Taylor: How much does it cost to trick out the motor like that? And was there different models in the 06 family like in previous versions... I heard something about RA6 or is that some kind concept car after market...

John Castillo: Just financed my 2004 GTO last week and it's beautiful, I love it. First sports car and i think I made a great choice.

Fender Bender: Nice job video. Fit yer foot o; the

Rare Opportunity: god ur trying way to hard to make quotes. just stop and talk about the cars normally.

Douglas Myers: I love the styling about which I have always said that it “both blends in and stands out”. they are beautiful, done right. however, your description as “subdued aggression” and “sleeper that does not look like a sleeper” is in essence very similar to mine, in different words. anyway, very cool video.

that slow goat: someone called my gto a g6..I was like really, they look nothing alike

GB: I own a 17 Mustang GT Convertible and an 06 GTO is STILL my dream car

LZ Martin: o6 is the best.... I had LAPD moto cop pull up aside of me and ask me some questions about it I thought he wanted to pull me over foe my STRAIT pipes lol.. he said I wouldn't sell it them he rode off....

that slow goat: There's quite a few on the market for sale. Bad thing is, since it is a sports car, you never know if they're still in good shape even if they do have low miles or if they've been driven to the ground without any care

rasheem mosley: What you doing
2006 Pontiac GTO, an in depth review 5 out of 5

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2006 Pontiac GTO, an in depth review