'Magic The Gathering' Gameplay Semi-Zombies Vs Elves G3 (07-27-2012)

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Pixeel is Super: You guys play league of legends to great! :D

ZxUniZebraxZ: @bionikslipper only of the 2 legendarys are the same.

bionikslipper: 2 legendary's equal death? wtf.

IcyNami: I'll be honest, that was not a very good game.

Daniel Lillard: God these guys are bad

Burningdemon23: Wow, this charles guy is....bad. o.O

JustOneMoreHero: Ugh. I played elves for a long time in Zendikar. That guy should have pumped after block step...UGH. It's sad to see that happen.

mrploch: look at my post

mrploch: no, hes my friend in real life. i asked him over skype if anything was wrong. i see him every friday too

KlotzProductions: mrploch plays at the shop with me and we also play League of Legends together.

sevenalay: You just came at him and said: "Kevin, you will be making highlights again soon"?

DreadnoughtJezza: yo Klotz, i think its about time we saw you competing at fnm on your channel. its been a while.

Taylor Moreland: Have we not learned that keeping one land hands is NEVER a good idea?

Taylor Moreland: More videos without highlights isn't bad though.

gmw827: kept a hand with 1 land. might as well have scooped turn 2.

FireLord2506RS: Eh, doesn't really hurt elves at all to be honest. There are enough pumps without him.

tatchli: he called surgical extraction "gitaxian probe"?

TheGmeadowsjr: Ugh..if you're going to bring a rogue deck, at least know how to play it. You don't keep a one land hand....ever. Knowing what you have > hoping to draw something.

Amirzy: Charles is such a noob player... Seriously, every game he gets all these creatures and does absouletly nothing with them. He saw how game 2 went, he should know to swing in and make him block his creatures or trade with them before they get super pumped... Not to mention that his deck doesn't even have a real concept and its just a bunch of aggro cards thrown into a deck. Absolute fail tbh...

ddoublevee: you know, i just felt bad about something though. Ezuri will be gone from standards when the next set arrives :(
"Magic the Gathering" Gameplay Semi-Zombies Vs Elves G3 (07-27-2012) 5 out of 5

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There were so many stuff that make no sense her usually these show have that but these episode was extra retarded.
The flash and arrow are not much better.

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