Alice Madness Returns Review

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Alice Madness Returns review
Alice Madness Returns review
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Alice Madness Returns review
Alice Madness Returns review
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Superstar Banana Mix: Does the game play at 10 FPS like in this video?

Izahdnb: They're even payed to give those good ratings. This is a creative game, once you mentioned not at all.

sylvo330: because all the reviewers give COD and Battlefield 8 - 10 stars... They're used to First person shooters, not creative platforming puzzle indie games like this

N Finity: This game good.

Izahdnb: DOn't listen to the reviews; play the game. Seriously, everytime I absolutely love a game all the reviewers are like: meh.

Roland Wilson: Bought the Ultimate Edition off of PSN. Aside from the lack of boss fights I'm really enjoying it.

Izak80: Just bought it, hope its an ok experience despite the bad reviews.

Zorp: I think Alice being the only beautiful character aside from everyone else being ugly is because that is a way for the creator to tell you she's different from them in a good way. Shes not like them, they are already infected with the ugliness of the world and though shes "insane" she sees more than they do. I think that's the reason.

Sgt Jupiter: This game could have been alot better i suspect

takebackgotham: Dude, that's awesome. That's why we play video games, to immerse ourselves in different worlds and quite frankly, that's an individual, personalized experience for everyone.

TheCuteakshara: Good analysis by thou and BreezyBoo

Azeez Alkalidy: true , there was so many chances to have a boss they but dodge it , like Queen of Hearts , Dormouse , March Hare , Walrus , the good thing is every enemy need a specific strategy , so if you play the game on the hard mod you will get your boss , more or less

BitOfEvrythingOo0: I have to say, Alice is one of the most bad ass game characters I've ever seen.

sailorcybertron: At least ur reveiw is better than IGNentertainment all they did was bag out the game. and I thank you for that

LUKA9475: should i get this game or not?

violentpoem: coz the setting is in england.. you do know how blacks were in england in those times right.. am not black though :P

Patrick: now that i think of it i didnt see one black person in this game......freak>

chuckielong1: Wow this is a great reviews bringing out both the pro and con of the game..totally agree with your review. It was quite repetitive but I still enjoy it just because the storyline was amazing!!!

Excessivecontrast: I never made that connection, but now that I think about it, you're probably right.

Excessivecontrast: This seems to be the most honest review of the game out there. Tells it like it is, no exaggerated praise, no nit picking, just the truth. Or maybe I like it because I agree with everything he said.
Alice Madness Returns review 5 out of 5

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Alice Madness Returns review