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Fredy: Hola mi Xperia xa tiene um problema reconoce el cargador y sale como si estuviera cargado pero no carga que puede ser
101Aem: Stie cineva cum se numeste melodia de la 00:50?
alvin logan: same route and aircraft ord-lax
Robert Polanco: Personally, I am a BIG FAN of the "Shazam" comic book franchise. I felt that the name of "Captain Marvel" belongs in the franchise, and after all, the character was created in the 1940's for Whiz Comics. As much as I have great respect for Marvel Comics, I felt they were wrong in having taken the name of "Captain Marvel" for a character of their own. Other than that, I would like to see a "Shazam" movie or a rebooted TV series someday and I hope that it will be a combination of both the 1970's TV series and the comic book as well. I would certainly like to see Armin Shimerman of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" play the villain, Dr. Sivana, in the new "Shazam" movie or TV series someday.
Martyna Pyzolinska: Wesołych świąt!!!!!
Stephen Dempsey: Was a great game to play in, its a shame that a couple of small rules hiccups by me could have made the game so much more interesting. Oh well, I will get you next fime Frowde!
Excalibarsonic: After Persona 5 I always expect being the transfer student to be a bad thing and for there to be rumors going around about you. I forgot Light here is MOSTLY normal when it comes to school life.

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