Small Bowl Pottery Wheel Throwing

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Wheel Throwing- How to Throw a Simple Bowl form
Wheel Throwing- How to Throw a Simple Bowl form
How to throw a bowl on the potters wheel
How to throw a bowl on the potters wheel
Throwing some bowls with different views
Throwing some bowls with different views
Throwing / Making a simple quick Pottery Bowl on the Wheel
Throwing / Making a simple quick Pottery Bowl on the Wheel
pottery throwing a small bowl and tea bowl
pottery throwing a small bowl and tea bowl

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Michele McNickle: Does that brush have a name? It has such long bristles.

PJ Svenska: sorry but i keep hearing "the flexible rib of death", i am sure it's something else hehe.. being swedish and beginner .. well maybe i heard right hehehaha

Timsee clay: so the most common problem is the rib contacting the left hand side of the pot across the middle, the second is holding the rib too "upright" let the rib fall over more. Glad I can help.

Janet Crocker: any other tips on using the rib? It keeps catching and gouging the clay. Aagh! shaping in general is my bugbear right now ... Thanks! these videos are so helpful

Timsee clay: black underglaze

Timsee clay: Black underglaze

Bibi Blue: What was the black thing u added at the end?

Emilyyysays: @timseepots What did you use for the black to do the design?

Betty J Osthoff: Flexible Metal Rib of Death, using one for a while I can agree on that description.

MsMusacLuver: I took ceramic's in high school and I LOVED IT!!!! We did a lot of stuff by hand though and I wish we could have done more throwing. I always thought it looked so easy but it's so NOT easy! haha Love the video's!!!

conansastalker: really? i guess that makes sense. i have to admit i am taking ceramics 1 in high school and my teacher has an interesting teaching style. this will be my second time taking the class, and just by watching you i learned more about throwing pots than what my teacher taught me. you make more sense.

Timsee clay: @conansastalker Supposed to is right. But who likes doing everything right all the time. It is an underglaze so you can add it earlier with less issue.

conansastalker: i thought you were supposed to fire the pot before you glazed it. and then fire it again after you glaze it. or is that just with beginners clay?

miranda freeman: wow i am in ceramics right now and my teacher recommended i look you up for help and you explain it really well.. :)

Timsee clay: I do not do a whole lot of glazing. But when I am making a collection of work I have a plan what the final pieces will look like. And if a form will enhance a glaze or a look I will exploit that as far as possible. At times I have had to develop a glaze to fit a group of work. so it spins both ways.

Timsee clay: yeah its amaco LUG1 black works great with al sorts of firings and glazes.

Timsee clay: nope you do not need to throw on a bat It realy is only necessary with really large work. anything under 5 lbs should be take offable

Cindy DirtKicker Pottery: I like how you remove the bowl from the wheel. I'm learning so good stuff in your video's. :) Thanks. BTW, was that just underglaze you applied with the kiss brush?

Timsee clay: you win a free t-shirt... oops I ran out. maybe next time

Thomas Norton: First Comment!!!
Small Bowl Pottery Wheel Throwing 5 out of 5

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Small Bowl Pottery Wheel Throwing