Spatial Audio M3 Review

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Spatial Audio M3 Review
Spatial Audio M3 Review
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MyIDIsNotAvailable: how can anybody watch this. the guy is so in love with himself it's hurting

Moochie: Never seen a review with so much non-info equipment parading jiberish like this one.

Those cables man 😂 Its quite amusing to see how placebo can turn ill informed people into sheep

Christian Forbes: Was that turntable built in wobble town?

Outlaw Race Parts: Being on the fence for a while this review sealed the deal and I purchased myself a pair of Spatial Audio M3 Turbo S speakers. The imaging of these speakers is absolutely amazing. Chills down the back amazing. I also own a pair of NOLA Ko's and I have to say the NOLA speakers are great..Really great,but at $14,000 they are really hard to justify when a $3000 pair of Spatials are comparable. In my opinion the M3 Turbo S speakers are one of the best values in "higher end" audio.

FrakU2: Wait. Did he say the does not have a crossover network?

zorhis1996: mcintosh is terrible

Bear: I think that you really talk nice and express yourself with great detail and technical knowledge however for those who can only understand what you're saying by trusting their ears you should add a minimum of audio experience. Thank you, and keep making nice videos ;)

Durox Kilo: "Yeah!" Dude, you've got some skills, but being likeable is not one of them... "Yeah". :} wish you all the best.

Hans Bozler: Damn new record day you look like a fool !!! I clicked the links they are cheap speakers. So your raving about some cheap ass P-Audio and Eminence speakers your a fool your reviews are child like and your clueless about audio products i would say just stop reviewing but i love to laugh at you so please don't stop your stupidity entertains me.

sean custer: So how do you expect people to take you serious? so you sound like you were really blown away buy these incredible cheap and terrible sounding speakers what a shame you have probably helped someone as clueless as you waste their money on bad sound. Did you not notice as soon as you saw the speakers in the M3 they were stamped frames??? That is a sign of cheap drivers but your a millennial so you don't know that. The M3 are a joke to be quite honest i feel sorry for anyone that likes the sound of the M3 due to having never heard good sound but don't assume what your hearing is good your not a Audiophile so give it up and admit you have terrible taste and zero knowledge about speakers & sound.

The compression drivers in the M3 are the cheapest worst sounding 1" compression drivers their are they are the K mart blue light drivers of the speaker world LMFAO. Ok the 15" coaxial is actually two different brands the 15" frame is a Eminence it is a Beta 12cx and it is $79.99 at u guessed it US speakers It is a coaxial but takes a screw on 1" driver witch means you can use any 1" screw on driver you like you could even use a bolt on 1" driver with a screw on adapter. Now this is were it gets really funny the 1" compression driver Spatial uses is one of the cheapest made it is a china made P-Audio BM-D440s and it is a whopping $79.95 at you guessed it US speaker

The lower 15" in the M3 is a Eminence Delta 12LFA and it is $79.00 at US speakers So your talking about $490.00 in drivers for the M3 and that is our cost. Spatial i am sure only have less than half that invested in each M3 after buying the drivers in bulk. Your review for these terrible sounding speakers was just glowing really made me laugh. Out of all the 15" coaxial speakers there are you liked the cheapest worst sounding combo on the planet. a similar designed Modified Altec Lansing 604's and 605's would embarrass these M3 and those Altec have been around since the 1940's as would a similar designed speaker using Radian 15" coaxial or Beyma, Faital Pro, B & C . With so many really really nice sounding 15" coaxial drivers available why would Spatial use inferior Eminence & P-Audio drivers. Well we all know the answer Spatial is buying the cheapest thing out their and selling them for way way way more than should ever be allowed.

This review of these incredibly cheap terrible sounding speaker is a joke Spatial Audio is a joke and their business practices criminal I have never tried to rip off a customer i have always really really hated price gouging and i have always felt people and business that do should be shut down and imprisoned not to mention restitution. The owner of Spatial is a 2 bit con and should be shut down and should have to pay restitution to all his customers he ripped off. Sad to say the American company's have become criminally dishonest but lets not put all the blame on them after all it still takes uneducated buyers with more money than brains. after all these are the people believing in magic titanium diaphragms.

sean custer: The more i see store bought speakers the more i laugh i love being a DIY speaker builder and designer it really saves me money. Watching your video when you show the back of the speakers i automatically recognized all the coaxial drivers used. For example the X3212 lumina uses 12" Radian 5312be drivers $849.00 each

To be 100% honest the 12" 5312 Radians at $429.00 each sound better than the beryllium models. Radian owns Truextent who now make all of TAD's beryllium diaphragms. You can research your M3's and then DIY your own version for a fraction of the price. I would tell you the brand name in your M3 but will leave that up to you to research and learn yourself maybe it will spark your interest in DIY. What puzzles me is why dose Spatail not change the diaphragm cover so it;s not recognizable. Buy the way the coaxial drivers in your M3 are not American made like the Radian. So your speakers are American assembled not American made.

Corporate America sure dose lie a lot i hate when American companies claim something is American made when it is really just assembled here. Then sold for a outrageous price. Buy the Dayton audio DAT V3 and a omni mic and start measuring drivers and building your own speakers. It is way more rewarding to build something that makes you and your friends crap your pant;s than to go out and buy from a big brand name manufacturer. At least the Radians are American made so at least one model from Spatial are American made.

T.j. Bennett: You simply could not have give us viewers a better video to translate that your videos, aside from the “you love hearing yourself tal....write” are complete bullcrap.

PHANPHOTO1: A lot of biased and impressionable junk science being spouted here.  Sounds very poetic, but still baseless.

tiazzicat: Have you heard of Reflector Audio? Interested on your opinion of their baffle-free loudspeaker design if you ever get a chance.

Gregory Stevens: Ron, how would you compare the M3s to the recently reviewed Goldear Triton 3+?

RuSomeKindaIdiot: Almost twenty minutes of video and not one second of hearing the speakers! Do you really believe anybody wants to hear your wet-dream style analysis of what you heard? WTF dude?!

Peter Campbell: saying power cords make any difference destroys all credibility you might think you've got. Total BS.

Narudh Areesorn: how does this perform as a home theatre speaker? (i'm primarily a 2ch guy so that's the priority but it'd be used for HT 5.1 as well). i'm currently using goldenears triton 2. thanks!

Andrew Makarits: You should look into the Odyssey Monobloc Extreme amps, then no matter which speakers your reviewing, you will be able to accurately pinpoint the true strengths and weaknesses of the speakers. I just picked up a pair and after owning and living with Krell, Mark Levinson, Pass Labs, Plinus, Conrad Johnson, Cary, Audio Research and many others, these are truly the benchmark of what amplification should be.

optimustait: Less interaction with the room, does this also mean neighbors will notice less bass through the walls?
Spatial Audio M3 Review 5 out of 5

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Spatial Audio M3 Review