Don't Talk To Cops, Part 1

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B K: lol, Chicago PD (that crapty tv show) referenced this video.

Growth Curve Marketing: One of the single most useful videos for any young person to see.

Arnold Christian: Lmao reminds me of NYE 2017/18. Called the cops to report assault by a bouncer. End up getting arrested, put in the drunk tank and fined $700 for literally just talking and saying ‘I’m not going to leave until you file my report’. Pretty dumb on my part, and also dumb to expect them to do their job, learnt the hard way to just not talk to cops, period

Layla Reeves: When the cops comma knocking zip it! 🤐

david doggy: So if you cant talk to the police then how do you talk to if you think your under investigation by police but your not guilty of anything..

Chelsea Adams: To colored and black ppl: This advice does not apply to you. There are different rules for us. Comply or die.

PWNCANNON: Uhh, talking to the police has gotten me off the hook over 10 times. Just be real with them. Though, that's Canadian police so....

Eli Newman: watching at .75 speed

Jimmy Thunder: This is really a shame, we're meant to trust the police

Bruce schaff: We're putting this on the internet

Bubblz-G: the reckoning: Holy crap.

Jesse Kleve: With all the law thrillers on Netflix lately, this video about why you shouldn't talk to cops needs to be shared again

Emiel Steegh: 🙏

Dimitris K: IRL Better Call Saul

The Gray: Typical arrogant cop; instead of just answering Mr. Duane's question he contorts, "You already know the answer to that." Is it just coincidental that all LEOs are arrogant freaks or is it an actual job requirement?

Adam: the 444 dislikes are from people who talked to the police

J JJ: God bless America🙄 NDAA passed. Patriot act passed. Next stop first and second amendment going away.

Zali Becquerel: What about Military Police?

Joe Laughs: Mr. Duane indicates that police are generally not willing to lie, but I've personally heard police lying in court nearly every time I've attended court. Police lie in their paper work & reports, & while testifying in court. Unfortunately police lying in court is a very common occurrence. Since the chain is only as strong as the weakest link, we can't believe a word the police say, including what they say after they swear in under oath in court. Police lie about cost of traffic ticket to get you not to take it to court. Police lie in traffic court & the courts will uphold their testimony even when it is quite ridiculous, so that even the courts & judges cannot be trusted. How can any of what they say be trusted? It is quite unfortunate & sad because it opposes what we've all been taught in school about the credibility of our police & justice system, but this information brought to your attention is very accurate.

Verse Jumper: You have a right to remain silent, yes, but for the love of god trust your local law enforcement. These men and women work their ass off and put up with crap like you wouldn’t believe, from the local dumbass to the most violent of assholes. Cooperate, comply, coexist, it’s not that hard a concept.
Don't Talk to Cops, Part 1 5 out of 5

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Don't Talk to Cops, Part 1