How To Curl Your Hair!

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Review + How To Curl Your Hair With A Royale Straightener
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How To Curl Your Hair With A Straightener   spreadinsunshine15
How To Curl Your Hair With A Straightener spreadinsunshine15
How to: Curl Your Hair (Beginner Friendly)
How to: Curl Your Hair (Beginner Friendly)

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Tj Vii: Love your long hair -BEAUTIFUL

DIY Master: Do we have to brush them

zoella1617: How long did this take

FromTheR toTheOxy: AH BABY GURL,your hair was so looooong <3 _ <3 :O

Makeup By Nazzy: Pretty!


Kimia Chang: She didn't even explain how she actually curls it

Sanja Mirza: Hi! Does anyone know the name of this hairspray? Thanks!

Emaan Fareed: wow !! when I curl my hair I try to fit the whole length on the wand..but clearly it doesn't work !! Thanks for this advice ♥♥

Victoria Berger: OMG!! You are a life saver!! I have been wanting to curl my hair and make it look like this for a while now, but because my hair is so long, it does not hold curl, I have tried multiple ways to curl it but none have worked for me. Your way of curling long hair and all the products you use will definitely help! :)

mercy sailale: I love love love your skirt where did you get it from

ShopaholicAddict Laura: how long to do this with long hair like yours?

Elise Byron: Your beautiful keep it up an always incouge yourself to do a next video by the way your hair looks beachy an hot work it girl keep it up

Fitore Beshi: but you are good ☺

Fitore Beshi: sometimes you talk too much 😊

Keeanadashian: I just made a video inspired by this, if you could I'd love for people to check it out 💕

caylee paez: Your so pretty

June Volpe: what were the names of the two products you used?

Annabell Bui: Moments of regret cutting your hair.
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How To Curl Your Hair!