City High Accounting Rap

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Miguel Gutierrez: AJ "accounting legend" Leman.

Jersienne: We actually watched this in our accounting course at university :D

Claudette Furlonge: The balance sheet keeps you in the know
you are only worth what you do not owe
Take heed of the cash flow

To compare the bank balance
With the checkbook balance
And to know the reason why
There is a difference
Is the challenge of the Reconcile

dn gaming: W

Sam Owen: love you leman

Katrina M: Wonder how many of them actually went on to be accountants...

Abhishek Yadav: It's so entertaining way of Study. I am also use these type of activity to making study more meaning full for understand the study of Accounting. I would like to say to to all the teachers in the world. . .u should try this!!!!!. . .it's very Lovely and Great!! 

Mary Claire: Can you make a song about the full coverage of Corporation?

Abby Whittaker: West stop hating

nee nu: this is a nice rap, I am also watch it in my accounting class!

TheScooper44: Go west! freak crapty I mean city

mike moore: aaaaajjjj Lehman. The best!!

Phil Gillette: freak West.

Abigail Pradarelli: omg this is so funny way to go aj CITY RULES!!!!! thumbs up if you agree

M Y: Mr. Doddes original video is sooooooooooo much better

Anonymous: AWESOME

Mr. Colin Dodds: This is AMAZING!!!

pmak6207: Very good!!

TheJigen: lol

Arabesquian: Now I wish I went to City High instead of West High...
City High Accounting Rap 5 out of 5

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City High Accounting Rap