Super Mario Odyssey Vs. 64 And Sunshine (REVIEW/COMPARISON)

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Super Mario Odyssey Vs. 64 and Sunshine (REVIEW/COMPARISON)
Super Mario Odyssey Vs. 64 and Sunshine (REVIEW/COMPARISON)
Super Mario 64 vs. Sunshine vs. Galaxy
Super Mario 64 vs. Sunshine vs. Galaxy
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Moonkey181: I hope there a game that is going to be better than Odyssey

William Alex Young: I feel like I'm the only one who didn't find Odessey as interesting as sunshine. The kingdom's are disjointed albeit fun but gimmicky at times too. I fully scoffed at the realistic T Rex (jumping on Jurassic World popularity anyone?).
It's not a bad game at all but the fact Sunshine had the limitations of theme yet still made each world memorable speaks leaps & bounds more to me than simply making one world based on NYC, another on a beach, etcetc.
For me 64 & Odessey are on similar levels (considering release date into the mix) but Sunshine offered something very different, and while not perfect, much more refined.

HUNTER - Gaming: okok we get it Odyssey is better

Thomas Olsen: I enjoyed mario 64 and sunshine's music better then odyssey's music. odyssey does have good music but it does not compare with mario 64's and sunshine's music except jump up super star

Sam Corona: How about Odyessy vs. the other 3D game in mario

Sam Corona: T-REX

Slim Bankshot: Someone really should compare Super Mario Odyssey and the Super Mario Galaxy games.

iammaxhailme: I wasn't expecting to love odyssey as much as I did. I thought 64 would be my favorite forever, but Odyssey is just THAT good.

I woudln't give it a perfect 100 though, becuase the lack of a hub world hurts it IMO. Hub worlds are important in 3D platformers. Almost all the greats have it... SM64, Banjo, etc.

Of course, I wouldn't dock too many points for that. Maybe 97/100. But not 100.

The Last Blueprint: Games like these should be compared with other games created in around the same era, like these games were made about 20 years ago, of course there is gonna be improvements

[KML] Dunker Lord: I usually go with the one that sounds the coolest

Jayden Hamilton: I actually like the hub world with missions more than the world Odyssey does.

JWil42: You should compare Galaxy and Galaxy 2

Mattslittlepack Thegamerkid: Screw Xbox and PlayStation Nintendo will always win cuz of there games and I think we know why

Icee202 Productions: A year later and I don't really feel like this video aged well. Odyssey was a great adventure for sure, but I don't find much of the music memorable, the stages don't hold up well, and the actual level design compared to past games leaves a lot to be desired. While Mario's moveset is more expansive, a lot of the capture abilities feel shallow, and the controls tried to seem simple but ended up being way more complex than they ever needed to be, what with forced motion controls in some situations and multiple button combinations to perform simple actions. As far as challenge goes, I'd even argue that Odyssey is one of, if not the easiest of the 3D Mario games. There are many many Moons that require absolutely no skill, and some are tied to tasks that the game will have you repeat constantly from world to world. It all feels like padding, and that's not something that needs to exist in a Mario game. It very often feels more like an adventure game than a platformer, and not in a good way. I still really enjoyed it, but it really wasn't what I was hoping for from a new 3D Mario game.

Jacob Gordon: Why wouldn't Galaxy be a contender?

BlackMartini: Odyssey is too easy Sunshine is so much more challenging with great memorable music and levels

L Lawliet: So we are comparing the newest game to the others in terms of gameplay, and you mention that you have to leave the world each time to get stars... yeah cause depending on the mission the world could change and adapt. That is not a con, yes the new game has some advancements but does it beat both of them combined for how they were when they were first created? I swear you need to look at what came before for these entries not the series as a whole until the last one to make a fair comparison. So no post game content is now a killer... not everyone wants to go back once they beat a game. It should be a plus but not a shutout for that type of gameplay. My lord this video is terrible, I subscribed earlier from Loz OOT vs MM but now I am unsubscribed. I will check out a few more to see which side you fall on but serious I can't think of two videos that were soo different in base of tone and bias. You want Odyssey to succeed but you have to look at things as if they were new not the newest versus a few times ago and act like just because they made improvements that it did better than the improvements that led up to that game. They improved on it, which is good for a series but seriously you are comparing games from two different times you should reflect on that.... gods i honestly doubt I can make it through this. You keep saying odyssey did it better when these games created most of these mechanics and how they worked...

alex contreras /negative ned: What about galaxy, galaxy 2 and 3d world?

Sirius Black: Some people: "64 music is better".
Seriously guys? Stop it being nostalgic!
Mario 64 did not even have original soundtracks for each level and all were repeated for multiple levels.

Dørkłÿ Dörÿ: Odyssey vs galaxy
Super Mario Odyssey Vs. 64 and Sunshine (REVIEW/COMPARISON) 5 out of 5

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Super Mario Odyssey Vs. 64 and Sunshine (REVIEW/COMPARISON)