Super Mario Odyssey Vs. 64 And Sunshine (REVIEW/COMPARISON)

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Super Mario Odyssey Vs. 64 and Sunshine (REVIEW/COMPARISON)
Super Mario Odyssey Vs. 64 and Sunshine (REVIEW/COMPARISON)
Super Mario 64 vs. Sunshine vs. Galaxy
Super Mario 64 vs. Sunshine vs. Galaxy
Super Mario Odyssey (2017) vs. Super Mario 64 (1996)
Super Mario Odyssey (2017) vs. Super Mario 64 (1996)
Ranking Mario Odyssey for Switch vs Galaxy. Sunshine. 3D World. 64 and More! - THGM
Ranking Mario Odyssey for Switch vs Galaxy. Sunshine. 3D World. 64 and More! - THGM
Super Mario Odyssey - REVIEW (Spoiler Free!)
Super Mario Odyssey - REVIEW (Spoiler Free!)

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Robert Taylor: But how does Odyssey compare to Super Mario World from SNES and Mario Bros 3 from NES? (and also Yoshi's Island cuz Yoshi's Island)

Squid Word: I dont like how mario looks noe he looks weird i dont know what it is.

pokemon trainer master trenton Workman: Weres galaxy

John Moss: I will admit Super Mario Odyssey is my favorite game of all time, like I wonder where it was when I was a child. However, I will admit I lost interest in it the first time I played it, BUT it GREW on me dramatically. Maybe it’s just that I wasn’t used to the first sandbox game after all the 2D and linear 3D entries that came out such as the New Super Mario series along with Super Mario 3D Land/World. But maybe once I reminisced with the 3D classics such as 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy 1+2, it made me want to give Odyssey another try. I did and then it earned my respect to the point of being my favorite Mario title ever.

jellydog: Mario 64 is more memorable and important, no doubt about it, but the slow phasing and freaking dreadful slidy controls like you're on roller skates just makes Odyssey appear as a much better game. Platforming is more easier and satisfying to pull off, the graphics are better, music is stunning, controls are fluid. Both games are amazing and fun and Mario 64 will always be one of the most important games out there, but Odyssey wins without question.

Polarbear Frost S: This is pretty one sided.

MasterPsyduck: SM64 is #1
SMO is #2

Danosauruscreck: What about galaxy?
And I'm still waiting for the classic punch punch kick to return


Master Farr: What I love about the Mario series is that it’s all about fine tuning. Over the years Mario has developed its own formula and added more and more layers onto it.

Fried Chicken: To be fair you can't really compare them. Despite your completely biased comparison, Sunshine and Odessy are 15 years apart and 3 console generations apart, it would be more fair to compare galaxy 1 or 2/3D world with it because they're much closer together, this is like comparing Mario Kart on the NES to Mario Kart 8, they're just too far apart to be fair

Moonkey181: I like 64 and sunshine better than Odyssey

Comedy Gold: New vs old vs relatively new

Moonkey181: I hope there a game that is going to be better than Odyssey

William Alex Young: I feel like I'm the only one who didn't find Odessey as interesting as sunshine. The kingdom's are disjointed albeit fun but gimmicky at times too. I fully scoffed at the realistic T Rex (jumping on Jurassic World popularity anyone?).
It's not a bad game at all but the fact Sunshine had the limitations of theme yet still made each world memorable speaks leaps & bounds more to me than simply making one world based on NYC, another on a beach, etcetc.
For me 64 & Odessey are on similar levels (considering release date into the mix) but Sunshine offered something very different, and while not perfect, much more refined.

HUNTER - Gaming: okok we get it Odyssey is better

Thomas Olsen: I enjoyed mario 64 and sunshine's music better then odyssey's music. odyssey does have good music but it does not compare with mario 64's and sunshine's music except jump up super star

Sam Corona: How about Odyessy vs. the other 3D game in mario

Sam Corona: T-REX

A Person: Someone really should compare Super Mario Odyssey and the Super Mario Galaxy games.
Super Mario Odyssey Vs. 64 and Sunshine (REVIEW/COMPARISON) 5 out of 5

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Super Mario Odyssey Vs. 64 and Sunshine (REVIEW/COMPARISON)