How To Tie A Tie: Four-in-Hand Knot

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Noble Luna: Nice vid, also that song sounds like it's from a JRPG lol

Dragon Games: freak you whith your piss music only little bitches listen to it

FineGaming123: I don't get it, my tie always twists at the first bit....

Gunnar Karlsson: Ugh, way too wide of a tie!

Elegant_Projects: great video thank you. I needed to learn how to tie a tie for a funeral. :( RIP GRANDPA.

Kubensis: ew looks ulgy af

musicaman68: That is the incorrect way to tie a tie.

KarlNapp1: buttons and a tie, oh noes

XFieghter1: The real hero of all 16 year olds

CharlesLamarche: Thank you! This was really helpful!

LivermoreFilm: This video is the worst video. And somehow also the best. The ending cracks me up

Koda_the_dog: I am a high schooler and i have a presentation tomorrow, thanks for this!

wahoda: OMG thanks

BrenJean2008: Thanks for the good demo.  At #244 timer point, it looked like you are doing something with the narrow end. Is there a slot to insert the narrow end into to keep it from sliding back and forth?  I used to use a tie clip to keep that from happening.  A slot back there would be a great idea for that purpose.

Mistter Mann: Very clear. Thanks.

Pepper Conchobhar: Thank you for this video. When I tried to tie ties for my husband and son, this always drove me crazy because I couldn't get it straight. Now I know that it's supposed to be off. Amazing.

James York: Thank you so much for this. I don't even remember the last time I logged in to like/sub. This has really helped me. Never had anyone to teach me how to tie a knot. Keep on doing what you do.

Jo Xx: LOl 3 million views

Noah Holz: you have absolutely no idea how much this saved my life

scott anderson: You did a great job with the video - tie knots are like calculus... super simple once you know the formulas and if explained well the confusion is eliminated - your video has that effect!  Good job!
How to Tie a Tie: Four-in-Hand Knot 5 out of 5

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How to Tie a Tie: Four-in-Hand Knot