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William Grenier: Ce jeu au niveau tecnnique c'est fait à l'arrache quoi.
Sunil Bairagi: Ajay rohit best jodi he...
D3TH Studios: So awesome! I loved it !
Elena Elena: welcome to
Kevin Rosenberg: I just picked one of these up pretty pumped Mike! It's decent size already so I'm gonna put it in my 20 long middle back so it fans out. Really cool looking plant i agree 👍
repr26: Camera man needs a tripod, and an upgrade from that low quality cell phone "HD" camera. And all a yall need to learn how to drive. Talk about making things harder than they have to be. Do yall stay up nights thinking of the hardest way to do things, or does it just come to you naturally?
speedcubedude: 22,000 body only

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