Captain Kratom - Kratom Review

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Shaia Palca: You mentioned you take 8 10mg/650mg hydrocodone pills but you may not realize you are taking dangerously high doses of tylenol. the maximum dosage is 1000 mg and you;re ingesting 5,200mg at a time, 5 times the safe dosage of acetiominophen and you're risking kidney failure. I hope you take heed to this.

Chasity Frisby: What about the gold pack

u fukin wot m8?: I bought opms the other day and I was high for 20 hours lol it's bad I like opiates but damn 20 freakin hours lol
Too much for me I'd rather just sniff a 30 mg perk

Aaron Mayhew: I get kilos for 60.

(8uno8): I just got these today from a smoke shop around the corner but usually I order online, 100 grams for around $35 of the red maeng dai AND they always throw in free samples of other strains. I just got these today because I was hurting bad and needed to not feel dope sick. I get my order tomorrow and I get my refills of norco tomorrow also. Always keep the red maeng dai for emergencys but I have noticed that kratom the most it last is about 2 hours for me witch is really bad when your dope sick and go thru all 100 grams in less then a week. Luckily my meds have been lasting me longer lately. 150 10/325 norco before would be gone in a week. Buy 300 more from dealer and last me another week. I started hating myself when I would get dope sick and ran out of pills. Lucky I found kratom and I manage my pills better now. 3 weeks tops now and a week with kratom so it evens out I guess lol. I would love to get off pills completely but they just to dam delicious!! I feel I can't function with out them. Physically and emotionally. I know that's the affect of it but like I said. I'm getting better at making pills last me longer now.

Kristy Henry: Hi there! Nice and very detailed review! When I first tried kratom, I initially I made the error of mistakenly ordering from CoastLINE Kratom instead of COASTAL KRATOM.

I thought Coastline was ok, I guess...until I then ordered from Coastal Kratom (Blue River Wellness). Coastal, by far, surpasses Coastline by a longgg shot! It's also cheaper, gets delivered faster, and lasts me much longer.

Coastal's products actually work better than the pain-killers I was taking from my Dr! No joke.

I'd highly highly highly recommend trying them out. My favorites are their Bright Eyes, Plantation Bali, and Red Bentuangie. Their Green Malay is also great, but offers little pain relief. More energizing/motivating.

XxDinaco: I really don't trust kratom, I've used it before and it doesn't really get you high but when you stop using it you find it hard to sleep and you feel out of it

Malefic Hestia: what if these half ass part timing drug dealers cut heroin with kratom?

COSMO McCaulley: soooo your a drug addict lookig for a quick fix....kratom is not intended for that....get to rehab.....kratom is for those individuals whom r trying to IMPROVE their life

RC Ramirez: Captain Kratom gold or Thai are very weak.I honestly found the kratom Red or Kratom horn from Club 13 to be the best out there so far.Check it out man,you won't be disappointed.

Josh Winford: can you smoke this product?

wwedude12: U gotta find a website online trust me it will be better then that crap kratom u bought out them head shops

Mikester954: World needs plenty of pizza cooks

Ryan Nagy: Your dealer lol I heard it

p diddy: Great video also check out a company called botanical Kratom they have some good reviews and I find them really good. All the best

jojojeep1: I just got got 8 oz of horned maeng da fo $63 at kratom underground . com

The Greenman: It comes in 30g packages also.  They also sell mushrooms (in the same type of packaging but you can see the mushroom through the backside.  They make Vietnam strain, Thai strain, Ma Daeng etc.  I also take the entire 15g in one shot.

Kayla Heiden: That's crazy expensive, bro.

xXP1RaT3: I wish these companies would stop marketing such a great plant in such a childish fashion.
Captain Kratom - Kratom Review 5 out of 5

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