Sony Launches The Xperia SP And The Xperia L

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Sony Xperia SP vs Xperia L [COMPARISON]
Sony Xperia SP vs Xperia L [COMPARISON]
Sony Xperia L hands-on
Sony Xperia L hands-on
Sony Xperia SP hands-on
Sony Xperia SP hands-on
Sony Xperia L (Short Review)
Sony Xperia L (Short Review)
Sony Xperia SP preview (Dutch)
Sony Xperia SP preview (Dutch)

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Mark13TFS: oh if you want to know SP has 319 ppi as for L i don't know

Minhajul Islam: ones cheaper and crap (xperia L)

Minhajul Islam: correct

suresh: Yes sp runs on 4g but L wont. SP is already available online in india for around 23500

gemstarcrunch: xperia sp runs on 4g network?

vimal kumar: great phone price ????? please tell me

vimal vaira: I really hate that you do not tell the PPI of the mobile. people does not judge pixel with out PPI.

nick: It will be sometime of 2ndQ, so basically next month and it will be world wide.

Andy Hea Jin An: Both of that phone aren't android 4.2.1 but android 4.1.2

카라얀: Xperia L

timepass143007: wen wil it be avaialable online in india?

sairaj bhujbal: kabi launch hoga india mai??/

🌹 Meiya: Okay, what's the different between them
Sony launches the Xperia SP and the Xperia L 5 out of 5

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Sony launches the Xperia SP and the Xperia L