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Is It Worth the Hype: Waist Training
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Waist Training Review & Results Worth The Hype?
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Corset Training Update (Before & After)
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Nana Adwoa: Where will get some to buy

nouran master: حزام كيم_كرديشيان
للتواصل معنا_0127777881_0120413048_0115509446

missj Stephens: Holy crap u did this all wrong

jacqui g: I don't think you know what you're talking're doing it all wrong .

Jacquelina Glycerio: You are so beautiful. Good video.

Mary May Bachiller: how tall are you?

courtney ray: Make sure your back flap is shaped straight up and down instead of like an /\ that way you're not putting unnecessary pressure on the top of your rib cage. In addition lacing it up that way could actually be damaging the boning in the corset.

Kaylee Solis: Amazon corsets aren't shaped like a corset should be and will not do much for shaping your waist... Js

MaKayla Moody: So I've been looking to get one. How long did it take you to get any results?

Abigail Valle: Omgosh she did it so wrong!!!
I have my own Waist Training Corset.
First, the hooks always go on the right side.
Second when you waist train you need to make sure the back looks parallel II, and not like this /\ or this \/. And lastly you do not wrap the lace around the corset because it can eventually damage it. I went from a 34' to a 30 natural waist. I strongly recommend ALTER EGO CORSET on FACEBOOK.

Lara Pauley: love this video! great demo. I am corsetting for the first time and doing lots of research. I subscribed. <3

lamCookie: what accent is that? and good video!

451 21: doesn't it get caught in ur belly ring?

cinlocybin: Why don't you have a follow-up video?

Di Ara: thanks for the info.

Martina De Angelis: Hey! I was wondering for how much longer you wore it/if you're still using it... Also, does it get rid of belly fat? I always thought it was more to "shape your ribs" and that's why/how your waist gets smaller but I never heard about getting rid of fat. Lastly, I wanted to know if in the meantime you changed your exercise routine and eating habits. Thanks for posting this!

Ariella Levone: have a nice body. But it kind of makes me sad that females are turning to this to achieve someone elses body shape. If you have a pear shape, be confident in your beautiful pear body! Work out to have the best body that is natural to you, not train it to have a different type of body. But if you are using it to just lose weight, then that's cool I guess. God bless!

boop: People keep commenting on how you didn't lace this corset correctly but I think it may be partly the corset actually not you lol I say this because the last corset I had (somewhat cheap, still an authentic steel boned corset though) I could lace much tighter at the top than the bottom, the top and bottom measurements were the same on it when the average person, myself included, have larger upper hips than underbust, I think a lot of cheaper corsets are just designed this way meaning you're probably better off with a corset with a different fit.  As well it's not good to tie corsets at the front like that but I'm sure you've picked up on this by now.  I'm looking forward to ordering a new corset that actually fits my hips properly and has more of an hourglass shape to it.

Maeossie Turtle: DO NOT ORDER FROM COMPANY (WAIST GANG SOCIETY) !! There are complaints of people not receiving their products.  I am one.  The post office told me that someone at the company purchased a sticker for postage, but that the post office NEVER PHYSICALLY RECEIVED the product.  The sticker purchased for postage was on June 22.  There are complaints with the Better Business Bureau as well.  There is a message when you call them that literally says, "...your call may be dropped.", and no human EVER answers the phone.  It's a shame that when "we" have businesses, we mess things up.  There are other companies out there, but I wanted to support a black owned business.  Now I regret it.

Karelyn Autumn Russ: When i wear a corset i feel like its pushing all my other skin and boob fat up and dramatizing my double chin xD. Oh well diet and exercise lol

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