MisAnthro Pony Reviews: Surf And/Or Turf (ft. AJ Pony)

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MisAnthro Pony: How CAN a Hippogriff have a Seapony for a brother? o.o

Alpha Humphrey: I also watched the leaked version back then

Peter Cross: Crash bandicoot sucks

Barbara B: Great review and I always love the background music you use in your reviews.

Super Cosmic Mutant Honey Candle Squid: The reason why Skystar had no one to talk to was sort of explained in the art book for the movie. She was going to have SISTERS but with them being around her, her problem would have been null so they scrapped them in order to keep her lonely. They were going to be older than her as well IIRC so I can guess there cousins are younger versions of the scrapped sisters concept.

cody2819: I also agree with the CMC. I'm happy to see them in any Ep but their first Map Quest was...Well, you know what I just now thought of? Scootaloo! The single, only character left (in the main seat) that as of yet, never got any mention of a family. This could've been a good start to get that reveal going.

What I mean is this. She could had been the one who connected most with this problem, but I will admit doing this while not confirming her parents and where they are, would've been hard. But we're going into season 9, 9 years, and the time to get to her family is closing fast unless they decide a season 10 at any point.

Hey, Halloween 2018 gives hope to EVERYTHING that has ever been rebooted. But back to the Ep. I suppose the thing the CMC were best picked for was.......Applebloom. Because of her conflict when Sweetie and Scootaloo went off to do their own things, and she believed she was losing them and had to adapt on her own.

Yes, it doesn't completely relating but there are parallels here. And, Applebloom was the one left out of the conflict between her 2 friends...just like Terramar with his parents. Think on this.

cody2819: Honestly I love seeing these creatures and how their trying to rebuild. I just wished we could see the actual characters from the film..and Twilight is still as adorable as ever. X3

Btw, I do have a comment about the difference layouts from the film and show and how the passage of time really does not add up. The staff should not try to mention the time. Non Compete Clause told us that Fluttershy had been Teacher Of The Month for a while, and showed us NINE PICTURES ON THE WALL! But as the time between months are never given (the only confirmed time was in S4, where the opener confirmed a full year by showing us the raising of the sun) who knows?

To save me going into the film here, the show struggles with what it tries to show. When it adds ANYTHING outside into canon, it keeps creating errors. The biggest, more darning piece of this is in Shadow Play, where it 100%, without doubt, confirms that The Journal Of The 2 Sisters book is NOT canon.

Starswirl does time travel in the comics but he would not know what the Tree was unless he time traveled backwards after Shadow Play took place. I don't mind when they take the comics and films and try to make them fit. But they are not doing the research. And, thus, as I already said, causes errors in the canon.

But at any rate. I enjoyed this Ep (I will admit that Scootbell were a bit out of it. But their kids, and when given something they like,t hen showing them something else the very minute after, they would just be waiting to get back to the former without thinking) but I think they need to think more about the passage of time and be more careful when they mention anything regarding it.

Animators, that goes for you too.

James Patrick Buchanan: MisAnthro Pony asked in this video: “How did the ponies build a railroad from the Equestrian nation to Mount Aris?” My response: Did you know that the Central Pacific Railroad laid ten miles of track in one day back in 1869, and that their human construction crews did that feat of construction work without any magic or diamond dogs at all?

Mystical Keyblade: Lily says this has to do with biracialty

Sylvie Schneider: dose that mean the stodent six can be called to ...?

Barbara B: Great review, but is it really divorce? Isn’t it more about him having to deal with choosing between living with a particular species? In which case he has the solution to this problem by continuing to use the magical necklace to live with both species/races.

sean hufty: aj must have channl added

Sara Samaletdin: I feel the ponies build the railroad and with existing rainrad system and unicorns doing that it would not be too difficult.

Liberty Patriot: An appropriate theme song for this review. Kingdom Hearts will always have a place in my memories, ones I care to recall anyway.

ZGuy0fSci: Yeah, no the episode isn't about Divorce, nor does every episode have to be above violence / killing, etc... lolz.
Families CAN still be 'together' even if "apart" if due to work or other arrangements where it works out better, getting to spend more meaningful time together when 'together' then for holidays or such.
- it's about a kid learning one does not (or should not) be forced to choose between family places/people.

But that's the thing about "art." The correct or direct meaning can be rather specific or to the point,
but that doesn't mean people cannot be allowed to find additional side meanings if something had been changed, etc... 'Tanks' for the video though eh? (for those that enjoy it)

Calliope Pony: As far as why the CMC were chosen by the map, I would guess that they were the most likely to recognize what the problem was. The adults around Terramar didn't realize that he was feeling conflicted, and Twilight didn't know about it until they told her. However, after just hanging out with Terramar for a little while they were able to recognize and understand how he was feeling.

warr malaski: I to watched the leek . Pity early on in the ep . I was thinking the family needs a serf shack with a moon pool front room. And a take off balcony . Thus fixing every thing.

Blue Bolt: Never question Pinkie Pie or you will have a headache out of it. Otherwise, Great wisdom for the Episode Review.

maverickbna: Scootaloo is a disabled pegasus? I NEVER NOTICED HER WINGS! :)

Avrage Trinidadian: Honestly, I this this was one of the better episodes from the entire series. I mean who didn't get "Divorce Parents" analogy from this?

I mean yea, it not all that realistic (when last u ever heard of a divorce couple still on good terms?) But it was still a good message for any child that has to live with both of their parents even though they don't live in the same household.

But I also think there is a message for divorced couples with children. Its easy to forget about the child during such an event and ultimately it is the child who suffers the most when divorces get messy. But here u see Terra's parents still care about him even though they don't live together and are still very much involved in his life. They love their kid and that was more important to them than making him choose. Something most divorced couples tend to forget about.

But that is just my 2 cents.
MisAnthro Pony Reviews: Surf And/Or Turf (ft. AJ Pony) 5 out of 5

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MisAnthro Pony Reviews: Surf And/Or Turf (ft. AJ Pony)