Nutrients What I Use, And What I Don't/ Product Review.

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PoJoTheGreat: I’m a first time grower and all I use is the fox farm trio with golden tree and some cal mag. Definitely getting way better results than I was expecting for a first grow. The golden tree hype is real

Zen Doo: Keebo3k lemme get those nutes !!

Jenka Luk: Hey man, very nice! I know its a very old video, do you still use this product? and if so, how does you feeding look like, if you're still growing)

EmptyDblock: I agree good info and you always have healthy plants 👍🏾👍🏾

Its My Real Opinion: Very informative video bro! 👏

Siko Sam: Blue Planet Nutes are the best bang for you buck by far

Siko Sam: Azos isn't nitrogen.....this guy is bit off!!!

dane larsson: Your plants look like absolute crap. Azos is not nitrogen. You idiot. It's mycroizzae. Moron. Nobody listen to this tool

dane larsson: This guy is an idiot. He has absolutely no idea what he is talking about. Literally get the freak out. You're a joke and this is pure advertising

Big Nate: through all that out get the full three part from blue planet nutrients.

BG Dotty Official: hey whats going on bruh. i was doing a bit of research into golden tree and i am def interested in the product, and about trying it for my first grow. i happened to come across a post of yours on roll it up, and then seen your video about the product on their website and then decided to check out your channel and subscribe. you definitely know your stuff and i was glad to come across the info.

I'm looking to grow organic, and this supplement fits right into my plans. i definitely don't want the hassle of a thousand nutrients and majority of the lines I've been looking into say they are organic but have proven false, or should i say, don't fall under the OMRI standards.

but after a very long search and hella reading i came across Aurora Innovations Roots Organic Line up and decided to go with their Uprising Fertz. but i will only use the Uprising Bloom with Roots Organic potting soil, mixed together of course. and only feed with golden tree, and ao organic plant grow as a foliar spray.

guess my question to you is do i need any sort of base nute? or could i do without because of my soil mix/

and can i only use golden tree with base nutrients or can i use it as a stand alone added to my water?

again man, great vid and a ton of info for noobs like myself. thanks and peace out.

dank9288639: get rock nutrients there are only 4 bottles and thats the whole line up no extra crap you don't need

Willie Collins: That was very, very, very important info bruh! I dont like to use that many chems. Myself, thats why I go with the dyna gro line up. The foliage and the bloom so far works damn good. They have all of what you need in 1 or 2 bottles, and works great! Thx! Again bruh, that saved people a whole hella lot of money if you don't know what you looking for.

Kathytopia: Thank you for sharing.  Very informative video.  I'm a newbie so you probably just saved me tons of jing.  Peace and love

Amjam: Y don't you use humboldt nutrients? And I'm a fun love your work ma dude just seen you for the 1st time today and I gotta give it to you.. You know what you doing ma g.

JayL Pleaseher: Are you on Facebook. I need to dialog with you on this topic.

ari demo: hey there again keebo.this is such a big debate to what nutrients are best etc. 
to be clear the only nutrient your using is golden tree and that is it that only or do you throw other things aswell ?
Also do you use threwout grow from when rooted and if so do you straight away give at highest feed ?


Ricky Bond: I thought it was common knowledge that if you have alot of chemicals in a small bottle that they make a chemical change and it would lock out nutrients. Please explain how you put all of the chemicals like pk boosters and humic and fulvic acids enzymes etc all the nutes your plants need in one small bottle??

josh heweezy: ill take all of the old nutes you aint gonna use boss , lol but no really ill take em !

Stikibits: If you have cal-mag deficiency, then you should question your base nute.
I'd up my base slightly until the deficiency went away, or change my base nute rather than buy cal-mag.
BRIX can only be absorbed via foliar feeding.
A reliable base, fish emulsion, and seaweed extract will provide top notch nutrition for even the most demanding crops.
The cheaper the better in 99% of cases.
Nutrients what I use, and what I don't/ Product review. 5 out of 5

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Nutrients what I use, and what I don't/ Product review.