Kea Parrot Vs 4x4

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Poopy McFartass: the assholes of the animal kingdom. theyre worse in dwarf fortress.

a d: Jerks can be animals

MsRainbow Brite: The bird uprising has started

Eskami: ω they are soll cute

Haniya Hasan: why are they eating the spare tyre

squito94: I love these guys. I enjoy how inquisitive they are.

John Doe: We wuv dat wubbewy texture. My roosteratiel is the same, but doesn't have a pair of industrial-strength pliers to work with.

God is A Polar Bear: We love this, Flip this one on

David Jonathan: Dude, you could just tell them to go away.

Fabulous: If you live In England, Barrett watson, a breeder who's macaw starred in 102 dalmations breeds them

Harry Hathaway: I wonder if they have breeding programs for these parrots.One day I'd love to see these birds domesticated.They look like they would rival an African Grey in intelligence,and maybe speech ability.I own,or should I say ,an African grey owns me.I love my feathered family.

Maafa 1619: Go home to Europe. Problem solved.

njide chukwumezie: I love to see when they get the best of "intelligent" humans.

ForcedToSignUp: Why would you purposely disable the embedding? You must not want all the extra views that it brings for some reason. Very strange.

altispinex86: oh god that was a terrible joke.

Jordan slater: crafty little beggars

ekoshkina: Cheeky little things! Great video, esp. of the shoes.

DeadlyRamon: Not the skin, not the skin!

rbaleksandar: :D Pure evil.

WhiteyRavensTH: Cute devils :-)
kea Parrot vs 4x4 5 out of 5

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Simon Italy: hahahahahaha
Rotatin: very consistant. Be a great bracket racer. Up the rotor :) 
GamerJhalil- Vlogs And More: These pepole are stupid why would a arch be in Chicago
MorbidVizions: Solid review brother, Thanks!
shizukagozen777: The top of its head is so fluffy, round and funny. 😅
David de Fortier: Sorry i cant watch this video... Are you doing a cartman from south park voice impersonation? I cant stop laughing to the point that i cant focus on thr video
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kea Parrot vs 4x4