Sacred Odyssey: Rise Of Ayden - Teaser Trailer By Gameloft

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moto g chaɴɴel: I Play This Game On Lollipop 👌

maximiliano235: Message for users with iOS 6 and above: The free version does not work, but you can play the paid version with no problems at all.

Ryan Schoultz: Lol, @garytcw your statement is irrelevant

garytcw: you are the also bitching, I like the way you "love" things without showing basic respect to how it is created.

Ryan Schoultz: Another Copy? I dont See any of you releasing a Zelda Game for Android? I dont Know about you But I loved the Zelda series My whole childhood and I've always wanted one on my phone with out the hassles of Emulators.This Game was Made for you. Zelda Lovers. so stop bitching. This Is probably the closest we will get to a zelda game on Android or anything other then Nintendo Based Game Device. Think about what Gaming on your phone Used to be like 5 years ago. Gameloft is the future of Mobile Gaming

Uriel Reyes: Why the hell not? You wouldn't be able to play those games any other way and if you think about it, a lot of major game companies out there bounce ideas off of each other, it's basically the same thing here.

ManisFlyingCircus: Yep.

UNKOWNNOTHERE: To any one who complains about gameloft cloning console games... STFU Can you play LoZ on iPhone? No, but there is this game. Can you play halo on iPhone? No, but there is nova. So just be happy and enjoy

Israel Alcay: @seolma i dont see you making games now do i!

lolz649: Anyone want advice to defeat the last boss cuz I beat him and he's hard as hell...

Cameron Stow: @seolma lol yeah. The graphics are great but the quality of the games is still terrible. You'd think they could take a while and make a game that's actually deep, and not just a cheap knockoff. It really wouldn't be that hard...

RoachTheIPark: @6Planet Thank you

RoachTheIPark: My favorite part was when the put Deathwings head in the background at 0:05

Phoenix Wrong: Zelda rip-off!! >:( These Gameloft guys need to make their own ideas, not take them from popular games.

Lonzem: RLLY fun game! but im stuck at the temple in the ice :( (wit the mirrors to open the main gate) could some1 help me plz?? pm me if u can :)

Sid Vicious: need help! i am at panor and trying to defeat that tree any suggestions???

sailormoon4eternal: This looks kind of fun, but it still looks a little bit similar to LoZ, but maybe it is actually pretty different. Zelda is still awesome and can;t be topped by similar games though. XD

Quan: they make this because other developers don't think Iphone/ipod as a gaming device, they focus on 3DS and PSP. Only gameloft, a ,mobile games developer make games that worth to buy. They make mobile games, so they're not good at creating something unique, but what they did was great and deserve respect. If gameloft didn;t make games, developers would have not made any games for iphones like GTA, street fighter IV, resident evil...

Extrm Chen: is it Aralon rip-off??

Lonely Poopfly: Soo i hope it will be a roleplay and not a big fail like eternal legacy or an action game like prince of persia
Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden - teaser trailer by Gameloft 5 out of 5

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EdD5: That movie should be called "Cringe."
midnightmodder: I've installed linux lite 3.8 on three different computers.
1999, 2000, 2003 old pc's
It runs very well!

Sven Bo: Bitte mach noch ein normales Game
Savage the boss 95: 👍

Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden - teaser trailer by Gameloft