TYME IRON | Review & Tutorial

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Using the NEW Tyme Iron Pro...
Using the NEW Tyme Iron Pro...
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Easiest Flat Iron Curls Ever? The Tyme Iron Review
TYME IRON   Review & Tutorial
TYME IRON Review & Tutorial

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Ree MJ: First video I've seen with this used correctly 👍🏾

Jessica Walla: So helpful!

GreystoneMom: Watch who you order it from. I thought I was buying it from the company. Nope I ordered it from Viviqueen. Complete scam. Still haven't received it and the website is now gone.

Jodi Z: Please turn off the background music!! Very distracting. 😊

Crystal L.S. Bear: You are the only YouTube video that did a great job and teaching how to use this, thanks so much!!!

1233daisygirl: I keep getting a curl then straight area curl at the end. What am i doing wrong

Jane Wootton: Hi Jessica you have amazing hair looks really healthy can you tell me what products you use please can't wait for mine to arrive love the video by the way very helpful x

Alyssa Reilly: If you're left-handed and considering this product, don't bother. I have spent over 2 hours and gone through countless video tutorials and the best I can get is my right side of my head but the left-side being left-handed is practically impossible it seems.

Deryielle Ocular Paña: What color is your hair

Christina Flesch: Best video I’ve seen so far on how to use this. My first try turned out pretty decent and that was before watching this. Thanks!!!

vsheavenly68: You’re the first one to actually teach me this!!!! Thank you so much!

Megan O'Brien: I have had my Tyme for awhile, never 100% got the hang of it. Watched a TON of their videos and you were the ONLY one to make it simple and easy to follow. Tyme should seriously hire you to promote and educate people on the iron. Thank you, you have gorgeous hair!

Deborah Foley: U r the prettiest woman in the world

Sandalover11: can u fry an egg on the iron?

Candice O: Your tutorial is awesome! I bought this iron and from the videos i saw they talk about motorcycle movements...umm no!!! This is alot easier! Thank you!

Dixie Chick Slots: Can you please tell me what color your hair is? I am trying to describe this color to my stylist and every time I show a picture she can’t get it right so if you can please let me know what color your hair is I would be most grateful and thank U love your channel

Meagan Iddings: By far the best tutorial for this iron that I’ve watched so far! I ordered one yesterday, and can’t wait to try it! Thank you!

Simone Splane: Honestly I had such a hard time using the tyme iron until I watched your video. It was so helpful for me.

Roisin Byl: How often you can use the tyme iron straightening & curling?

Lesley Tata: hate it - frizzes instead of smoothing my hair
TYME IRON | Review & Tutorial 5 out of 5

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allentig: wad (what a douche)
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Kevin Wu: Lol how did you manage to finish all that food?
iskateu247: Thankyou very much you helped me a lot. Now I just need to get a battery. Can I ask what battery you are using and what sort of flight times you get with it?
mhs vz: Both. Thank you.

TYME IRON | Review & Tutorial