Silk'n Flash & Go 2 Lampes Sur

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New Silk'n Flash & Go Luxx IPL
New Silk'n Flash & Go Luxx IPL

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mim loft: il les super celui-la <3

Fedoua Salem: Est-ce qu'on peu ne pas se raser et s'épiler a la place de rasage et quand meme faire après la flash and go ?

Said Said: The man I want to use the device to ease the beard just do not want to completely remove km hearing needed

LoveNeverStopsLoving: nope

Ξωτικό Των Δασών: Does it hurt?

Tercious: Much appreciate the answer! Yeah, I suppose it's a long process. Can take up to 3 years to stop the hair from growing back..

Tercious: Can you use it on your genitals?

fedinaaa87: @gladitsnotme no, unfortunately the skin has to be light

gladitsnotme: can this be used on dark skin?
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Rafal Piekarski: +artur kurasiński jesteś w guglu!
speerrituall1: Try L A Girl concealer at your local B & B.
risquedj: Where did you buy those (green & purple) barefoot buttons for the pedals? By the way, I loved your video! Nice setup!
Sousas Adventure: hehe mota que n faz barulho tá estragada xD
Steve Eddie: Brilliant video, I can hear your excitement, in fact I’m going straight to amazon now to buy it lol.
Lord Preclík: co dělá automat na dinamit v bance?😉 a proč někdo sakra vyrábí automat na dinamit 😉 😃
William Wallace: I thought amuhhrikans dont drive diesels

Silk'n Flash & Go 2 lampes sur