🚙💨 HSV GTS - Cammed Engine - Exhaust Sound ONLY 👿

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308 belter: Got a red 6speed gts and it's a weapon to king of the road .

SSCREAM100: I love this road.

stef srb: u got life insurance?

Tomasz .Glinski: Ford

hsvsupercars: good wheel man

Brian Lam: Its probably the drivers boss from his work place or something.

caltrocity gracie: Who's gaz

David Stanic: I do beleive this is the best video regarding hsv's v8's on youtube. where abouts is this road m8? Would love to visit it in my ride :)

mitchell newton: hey i no were that road is but i dont have a car like that to go on it

hsvsv8: I want that road in my backyard.

samiamW437: that bit of road is fukin ace ay

samiamW437: that bit of road is fukin ace ay

dan0000023: Phat as.

fsfer: nice, very nice my man.
🚙💨 HSV GTS - Cammed Engine - Exhaust Sound ONLY 👿 5 out of 5

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Sonic3nKnuckles: Robert Jenkees - Guitar Sound. freaking nice choice man!!
Granit Gashi: can you make this video now? for season 6 m8?
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Errol Andrade: Hello,.

🚙💨 HSV GTS - Cammed Engine - Exhaust Sound ONLY 👿