TaylorMade GAPR Tested On Course - The Average Golfer

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TaylorMade GAPR tested on course - The Average Golfer
TaylorMade GAPR tested on course - The Average Golfer
TaylorMade GAPR Review   Lo. Mid and Hi   Mid handicap testing
TaylorMade GAPR Review Lo. Mid and Hi Mid handicap testing
Taylormade GAPR Hi vs. M3 Hybrid
Taylormade GAPR Hi vs. M3 Hybrid

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John Pardue: What was the flex of the shaft you were hitting?

Joe Dubiel: Your excitement on these Andy is showing big time ! They look quite interesting. I will have to try one. Has it ended up in your bag Andy??? Cheers. Spider Dubiel

2222skinny: I agree great vid but music is way to loud and very annoying

Sam Kingston-Stewart: Forgot to update but my handicap is now 8.2

Richard Gatehouse: Good review again Andy, how did these compare against the Callaway x forged ut that you tested
Cheers Richard

Yorkibar 1962: Great review Andy. Really look like a great club for the people who are missing this type of club in there bag. Personally i am happy with using my rescue so i cant see the need for one, but i have have not tried one, trying one may change my opinion totally who knows?

Kenny McHardy: Nice review👍🏌️like the polo as well, G-Fore?

Matt Gomez: Great review. I love the idea of these clubs. I’m looking for a 4 iron replacement and the GAPR Mid looks to be worth a try.

Idk_1996: Average golfer what is your current handicap

MosGef77: Which course were you testing them at? Looks nice.

Kevin Maher: I've recently discovered that higher lofted woods (not hybrids) do the trick for me. The Callaway Heavenwood at 22 deg loft and cut down 1" from stock fits 12 yards above the 4 iron. Then comes the Heavenwood again at stock length and 19 deg loft. Last fairway wood is the 3W at 16 deg loft. These are all the Big Bertha model from 2015. Great clubs! I was very pleasantly surprised. They go quite straight. I was always hitting a low hook with the hybrids and making poor contact with the 3 Iron. This may not work for everyone. However I am very pleased that the higher lofted woods get up in the air and travel quite far. Much easier to hit than an Iron.

Stephen Cutting: I think all 3 look cheap and plastic. I’m not a fan at all of the look ⛳️

Brian Treadwell: I missed the pricing based on other comments - pretty clubs and am about to get a 2i so will try out one or more of the gapr range - I personally don’t like too much of a mix in my bag so I hope I don’t love them! Good vlog !

Paul Bown: I have watched a couple of reviews of these on YouTube but was most excited to see yours!

Thanks for posting

Brian Kulchycki: I also think that Taylormade is trying to create a market that doesn't necessarily exist. I use a driver a 3 and 4 hybrid and then 5 iron up and I have no gaps at all. Maybe they're more for the people who still use 3 and 5 woods and haven't moved over to the hybrids yet?

Brian Kulchycki: Let us know how the finish stands up once you played with them a couple of rounds. Another review said that the finish started coming off after a couple of rounds which you wouldn't expect on a club that cost that much

Jay Byrne: Good review Andy. Don't really have gaping issues so I'd use it more as a tee club when need to hit right fairways, as long it's it's straight it could be interesting. Currently my old cobra baffler 4H is my club of choice on these shots but it's 2008 model so might be time for an upgrade. Although it'd have to perform well as I love my baffled (won't get into numbers as people won't believe me!)

Guinea pig Life: Buy a cobra utility iron .. cheaper nicer and adjustable for low high shots 💪💪 there way to expensive from TM again 😱🙈

Jan Johansson: I have a driver, a 15 fw( 230+ yards) then a hybrid 25(200 yards). Do you think a mid gapr nr 3 can fill my gap. Like long irons who doesn't hit stingers like Tiger do??? Need a 220 yards club that a always can trust. Keep on the best channel in golf.

mi1ne: Screw down the music a bit!
TaylorMade GAPR tested on course - The Average Golfer 5 out of 5

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TaylorMade GAPR tested on course - The Average Golfer