Huawei Honor 8 Review / Experience

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Huawei honor 8 Review / Experience
Huawei honor 8 Review / Experience
Honor 8 Review
Honor 8 Review
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Honor 8X Mid Range Smartphone Review with Pros & Cons
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Huawei Honor 8 India - My Opinions - #DoubleThePricingWithHonor8
Huawei Honor 8 India - My Opinions - #DoubleThePricingWithHonor8

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KatyH_x: I like that colour

e i s e i: I was looking around for a pink phone that I would like then I saw a link to this video. Apparently, my classmates also experience the temporary crashing/rebooting episodes with Huawei phones. Very informative! Thanks.

NISHANT SINHA: Hey beautiful please give me an answer... Does honor 8 have screen mirroring? Please

infinity universe: cute girl

rubycandy92: Let's see the phone more then

Derpy Sheep: Only here because I use it

Alexis Gómez: where did you go to change the theme? I can´t find it in the settings, greetings

Tacos4Life *moved*: 1:15 that’s the exact case I have for my honor 8

Aryan Tiwari: I'm am an Indian so I'm supposed to do a creepy comment. Creepy comment

Harendra kumar: Mam it's a single sim or dual sim

Chuck: I like her! She is one of THE best reviewers I have ever watched/heard. Watch out MKBHD!

Varshit G: She didnt know that she can zoom in with a smartphone. Which year are you living in?

Pietro Comini: cool review. great smile. I just bought an honor 8. not opened the box yet. now I am really glad I did buy it.

ani as: how much did it become

ani as: where you bought it

Dushyant Gajjar: Honor8 or redmi note 5 pro

arun kumaran: In youtube most of the videos says good but in amazon customers told don't buy this phone i never seen this much of negative review of this phone.Before buying this phone please see the customers review.

Gundappa S H: 😨😨😨 you covered the phone with case without showing it??

MALK Alturke: دلوني بلشتراك وينه ههههههههههه اي😂😂😂☺☺☺☺😍😍😍😍

Helder Lopes: It would be an "Honor" to meet you :)
Huawei honor 8 Review / Experience 5 out of 5

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KatyH_x: I like that colour
Faust_One: In your opinion. Better V-Strom than Versys because of Traction Control? Is it so important? Too risky without it on “difficult” surfaces?
Du, Dudu Ou Edu: 3 anos depois e agr eu to aqui vendo teus vídeos de infamous, ta ajudando demais sincão asiuehasiueh
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Spielen maximal wie Silber elo, mehr ist da nicht drin. Katastrophe.
L2p vorallem Jax und J4.

Inkgoddess66: Wish I could make it :( I'm on PST and will be working until 5 my time. Boo! Have a great time though ladies!! Xox
danica sy: Guys, there's "natural" ideal for asian skin. I have a pale skin and natural is perfect for my skin tone. :)
Cristian Emanuel Parreño: Vengo del futuro y todos mueren hasta boruto :v

Huawei honor 8 Review / Experience